Types Of 3D Animated Explainer Videos

3D Animated Explainer Video

Have you ever wondered why 3D animated videos are used a lot for explainer videos in big and small businesses?

Well you are at the right place, this article will guide you through the types of 3D videos and what they are used for.

First and foremost let me give you three reasons why 3D animations are preferred for business  video explainers.

1. Good 3D Animations Visuals

3D, fully called Three Dimension, means its designed in a way that can be seen from any angle. This gets the idea and look of the your video across faster and clearer.

2. Best For 3D Product Explainers

Your product as it looks in real life should have the same look in the video, explaining how it works, or features of your product. 3D animations do this perfectly.

3. Engaging and Interesting Explanation Videos

3D videos are very interesting to watch so this keeps your viewers glued to your video and gets your business or product explanation across with ease.


Types and Uses of 3D explainers

1.Product Animations And Explainers


Product explainers are perfect for showing how a product works and features of a product. The 3D video makes this extremely easy and visual for you the viewer.

With the power of 3D animation buyers get to understand your product, which gives them more urge to buy.



2. Animated Music Video

Musicians have got alot of crazy ideas, abstract , modern, ancient , futuristic, and the 3D video brings this to life due to the extremely level of realism a 3D video can go.

I recommend a 3D animated video for your music videos if your idea is a very crazy and want a video really close to that of your imagination.



3. 3D Healthcare Animated Video

3D Medical animations are used all over the world by huge Hospitals and clinics to explain how our body works or what happens when you fall sick.

This video gives a clearer picture to what your doctor is meaning and minimizes the rate of fear you have when going for an operation or other medical treatments.


4. 3D Fitness Animated Videos

3D workout animations are also just like medical videos, they give you a clearer image of what is happening when you are excising different parts of your body.

Fitness animations are perfect for workout training videos and workout education videos.


5. 3D Promotional Ads

Advertising and Marketing agencies have realized how effective 3D animated videos are and now use it a lot in their promotional ads.

3D videos have good perspective and keeps the viewers glued to your promotional ad even if they really do not understand what they are watching.


6. 3D App Explainer Video

Mobile game apps use 3D animations for thier app trailers. This makes the game feel very interesting so you would want to download it.

3D mobile animations are not use only by the gaming industries but by business service and product apps for high quality visualization of how the app is used.



7. 3D Nursery Rhymes and Children Videos

If you have got any children you will know how they love to watch cartoons.

3D cartoons take this to the next level, the realism and perspective of the cartoon characters makes them feel like they are in a whole new world.

Huge YouTube nursery rhyme channels have taking advantage of this and use 3D cartoon videos alot in their videos.



3D animated explainer videos are the most visual and effective way to market and sell your product or service digitally.

If you need more info, or you are thinking of trying out a 3D video for your business, feel free and contact us for  FREE consultation or contact us now for your 3D video.


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