Animation Video Price


What’s an Animation Video Price?

Animated Videos cost from $100 plus it depends on what you need, your deadline and how complex your animated script is. It also depends on whether its 2D or 3D. who is working on your animated video, and, the quality of work they can produce.

Freelancers can produce a good animated work for you but they work slower and are not that trust worthy like a professional animation studio .The list below shows the prices of an animated video, completion time and type. There is a range because every animated video is different and cannot be completed in the same time-frame.

Animation Video Price

NOTE: The Price for 2 minutes can be an extra $100 or $50 it does not always have to be doubles for 2 minutes or tripled for 3 minutes, I hope you get the point.

This is what amounts to the cost of an animated video



3.Voice Overs


5.Character Designs

6.Background Imagery

7.Sound Effects and Music

8.Final Rendering (Video Quality)

The Script

This is what your whole animation video is about. If you do not already have your script, it can be done for you by the animation studio.All you will have to do it explain to them what you story is about or business and your script will be ready in no time.


Storyboards are rough drawing sketches meant to make the script clearer and more visual. This includes camera angles and lighting to guide you through the whole video.The storyboard is where you should ask for changes, or it will be difficult for the animation studio to do that when they begin the animated video.

Storyboard price

Voice Overs

The studio will send you three voice over samples from different actors to choose from. That’s the sound that will be used throughout your video, unless you need more than one voice overs.


This is normally done when the scene is intense. Animatic are deep detailed storyboards meant for the animators. You will be given the animatics when you scene is more like a fight scene or you personally need some kind of movement in your animated video.Normally this is not done for business videos only short animations and films.

Character Design

There is brainstorming needed before a character is created unless you already have a character in mind for the animation studio.This is simpler in 2D but in 3D, after the character is drawn in on paper it is then modeled in a 3D program before rigging and animation. This are a bit technical and this blog is about that.If you still want more information on that follow this link.
The character design is the whole cast of mascots or characters that will be used in the animated video or film.


Background Imagery

This is simply the environment and props.Except for the characters everything else in the scene is the background Imagery,the lights, the hills and valleys, the houses and tree, everything.If your animation needed a very detailed and complex background imagery, the prices goes higher, but if you need something very simple, like a business explainer video, there is a lower cost.Cost of background Imagery for an animated series is lower because they will be reused in most if the episodes.

2D environment cost

Sound Effects and Music

This is the music playing behind the scenes and also sound characters make.This sound will have to be created or bought by the animation studio.A good sound effect and background music can just tell the story or the animation without a lot of movements in the scene.This stage is very important and needs a lot of work and attention.

Final Render or Video Quality

This is very important in animated films or series, because the rendering of the scene determines the mood of the scene.The Final Render is also about the pixel amount, which is 380p – 4K.

Final Render cost

This blog is to give you a perfect understanding of how much an animated video cost so you know it a video is over-priced and also to understand perfectly the amount of work needed to create it.

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