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Rila studio is a professional 2D and 3D nursery rhymes animation studio with over 8 years experience in making children videos and nursery rhyme production.

We believe in making high quality proper children videos fit to educate and entertain kids.Our videos have very cute, passionate characters that give the kids unforgettable moments.

The success of Rila Studios is build on relationships we have with our customers and audience all around the world. We have made a lot of animated kids videos for YouTube channels and are still doing so now.
We are eager to help you get your channel and with good content fit for kids and YouTube friendly to avoid demonetization.

We make nursery rhymes for:

1.YouTube Channels


4.Many more

Feel free and send us a message now we are ready to help you.


Get more Viewers on your Nursery Rhyme Channel


This blogs shows you proven ways on how to get more viewers on your nursery rhyme channel, this Includes Nursery Rhymes Animation channels and other children channels too.

First of all, when you upload a video on YouTube, no one will get to see it, except your subscribers, if you have got some. So that means you can uploads lots of videos in YouTube and no one will see it, I have had that experience
before and that why I created this blog to help other people having that problem.

You will need to promote your videos. No promotion means no one will find it. You will have to get it to them. But how? Here are 4 ways to promote your Nursery Rhyme Animation YouTube Channel, with and extra as a bonus to help your grow your channel. I have divided them into, the Free ways and the Paid ways.

FREE WAYS promotion for your Animated Rhyme Videos.

1.Instagram Pages and Hashtags


This is one powerful way to get followers from a big social media giant like Instagram. All you will need to do is first create an Instagram Page or profile, they are both the same thing. Then now this is how you promote your videos.

-> Instagram Hashtags
This is an awesome free way which has made so many people build thier Instagram Pages to over 2 Million Followers.

To do this you will first add a new post, then add a hashtags that’s it. #Nursery Rhymes #Children Videos #Cartoons
For your YouTube channel first you will upload the first 5 – 20 seconds of your video then ask the viewers to watch the full video at your YouTube channel. Remember to add the hashtags. You can add about 20 hashtags in total.

-> Instagram Shad-outs
This is a great way to get more viewers on your nursery rhyme channel from already big pages. You can do this in two ways, first ask for it, and second
Pay for it. Let me show you the way I ask for it. I has worked for me many times.

-Check if the person has at least 100K Followers on his children educational page
-Message the person inbox with a HUGE title like this

They get a lots of messages a day so yours will need to stand out

-Now say “I am a regular follower of your posts and I think they are really great”
“Can you give me a shad out to my Instagram Page?”

-They know how to give shad-outs and they will just have to use one of your posts

2.Reddit Subreddits


Reddit is divided into subreddits like Facebook groups.
This is one great way to promote your YouTube channel for Free. Reddit loves good content so if what you post is very great to
the subreddit, you can get on the first page of Reddit which can bring you MILLIONS of viewers per day.

For more explanation on how reddit works just follow this link.
How reddit works.

You will have to find the subreddit that matches with what you are going to post.
Also don’t make your post look like a promotion or the subreddit moderators will delete it.
This is how you create a good promotional post in Reddit.

-Look at the titles of posts in the subreddit you want to post in and do something relating to that.

-Read the rules a little to know what to add in your posts. Some subreddit will ask you to add the date the video was created or a different information or the video will be removed.

-If you do this correctly you can get more viewers on your nursery rhyme channel, about 100 in a a few minutes.

PAID WAYS to get promotion for your Animated Rhyme Videos.

1. Facebook Ads



You want to get Thousands of viewers per day on your Nursery Rhymes Animation channel? Create a Facebook ad. Facebook ads are the fastest way to promote anything and its Very easy to set up. Follow this link to show you how to set up a Facebook ad.
One great thing about Facebook ads is, you set your price and you can run as many ads you want at once. You can also select your Country and many other options too.

Follow this link to know how to create Facebook Ads.
2. Instagram Paid Shad outs

The fastest way to get shad outs from big Instagram pages like 500K plus pages is to pay for shad outs. They do this a lot and know how it works. Also remember they get lots of messages, so this is the way to get their attention and get a good price.
-You will need to message at least 8 instagram pages
-Send 2 messages to each page
-First massage “$ BUSINESS RELATED $”
-Second Message “I would like to know the cost for a 12 hour shadout on your page”
-Pay for the 12 hour shad out, 24 hour shadout is useless no one visits after 12 hours
-Remember to look through their posts and see the number of engagements they get per post. Compare all the pages and choose which ones are the best.
-If you do not get a reply. Email them. Their email is in their profile, normally right in their channel description.


As I promised here is your bonus


I made a lot of studies on several YouTube channels and realize that the channels that grow fast in subscribers, viewers and money are channels that post at least 1 video per day, yes at least one video per day. This will keep your channel in the minds of your viewers and they will always remember to come back and watch your videos. Your channel will become part of their daily lives. This means constant viewers and more money for you and you get more viewers on your nursery rhyme channel.

Need help with your Animated Nursery Rhyme Videos. Contact us now, we will reply back to you in less than a minute.

Rila Studios is always Ready to help you out.



Nursery Rhymes animation studio

The happiness that children books, children educational play things bring to our little ones is very great, but it
cannot be compared to the magical world that nursery rhymes bring to our kids.

These child friendly videos are engaging, attractive, beautiful, memorable and very effective in education and
entertaining our beloved childern.

Studies prove that there was an 87% increase in the consumption of online videos among kids between the age of 2 – 11 years
in 2014. And this was due to the level of usage of mobile devices, tablets, pc and easy access to the internet.

Yes, these videos are consumed by children but that does not mean they are easy to create by a Nursery Rhymes animation studio. Actually, there are the most
difficult to create.Why? This is because children are easily destructed and need something very cute,catchy and interesting to keep them engaged.

This is were the Nursery Rhymes animation studio comes in the do the job right.The process require a lot of thinking,creativity and technological sophistication. We create these videos in both 2D and 3D with different softwares for each of these.For 2D we use
MOHO, After Effects and Toon Boom. For 3D we use Autodesk Maya, 3DS MAx and Blender.

The Environment ,character design and movement are kept simple and cute so it can be loved and easily understood my the kids.

These videos are created specifically for children, which is not something simple to do,as I said before they need to be engaged and entertained.

Here are the types of videos the children love to watch and we create at Rila Nursery Rhymes animation studio .We will show you both the 3D and 2D types of each.

1.Animated Rhyme Videos
These are short sing along videos. They are normally popular songs that children already know about.
The environment, characters and song makes children more engaged and excited

2.Fun and Funny videos
These are simple fun and funny videos that are very appealing to watch. This is also a good family time video since
its for both childern and parents. These videos are also very short but easy to understand and be entertained.
People love to watch series of this type of videos.

3.Animated Game videos
This type of video is like Dora the Explorer, full of puzzels and mini games. They make the kinds think in a funny and
exciting way. This videos are very educative because they require the kids to be interactive with the games and riddles.

4.Learning videos
Learning videos are simply videos made to educate the kids in an intresting way.They are like the Animated Game videos
but with a singing and dancing. This is another way to get the kids engaged when they are fed up of the game videos.

Need a animated children video now or do you have any question, Please send us a message we are ready to help.


Need an Animated Video for YouTube


Need an Animated Video for YouTube ?

YouTube is now filled with lots of cartoon channels, and to stand out is not an easy task.


You must produce very good and engaging content to viewers to grow YouTube channel. The more engaging your videos are, the more they will love to come and watch again, and, tell other about you. Also you will earn lots of views, likes, comments and most importantly subscribers.
To do this you will need to stand out of the noise of the competition.
Don’t worry we have done all the research for you.
Rila Nursery Rhymes Animation Studio has already done a lot of research into to this and we are very happy to share them with you.
1. Children love videos with other children singing and dancing in it. (Research proves children love the companion of other children just like adults do)
2.They cute and excited character (Sponge bob is a very good example)
3.They lover emotional videos (Disney uses this all the time in their videos)
Why? Because emotions build memories
4. Memorable characters or character to keep an image of your channel in their minds(I don’t need to explain this to you, just look at Barneys,Micky Mouse,and the others)
At Rila Studios don’t just create animated videos, we create successful animated videos.
We put in the work, take it further and create videos that goes viral!


What are you waiting for, send us a message now, we are happy to help you out.