How much does an animated music video cost

The price of an animated music video depends on the length, style, and complexity of the music video.

I have listed 6 types of animated music videos in this article. You can get the current prices for each of them by clicking on the get price image.

Before that, here is the price for a simple animated music video.

1 Minute => $300 – $1,000

2 Minute => $500 – $1,200

3 Minute => $700 – $1,500

Contact the music video animation studio for custom music video length price.

6 Types of Music Video Animations

  1. 2D Cut-Out Animated Music Video Style

2D-Cut out animation has a quick delivery time, it’s the go-for music video style if you need it done quickly and with good quality.


2. 3D Music Video Animation Style

3D animation takes longer to complete and cost more but is very high quality.



4. Traditional Animated Music Video Style


5. Stop Motion Music Video Animation


6. Motion Graphics Animation Music Video style


7. Animated Lyric Music Video

This animation music video style is the cheapest and fastest to complete. I recommend it for your animated music videos if your budget is low.

The huge advantage of the lyric animated music video is your lyrics are displayed in, the music video. This is great for rap music and creative music lyrics.



As you can see the price of an animated music video depends on the length and style.

You should speak to the animation studio on your preferred style and script of your music video.

Rila Studios offers a Free Consultation on music video animation, feel free to contact us now.


Animated Rap Music Videos

Animated Rap Music Video.jpg
Have you noticed that animated rap music videos are becoming popular these
days.Rappers like Lil Uzi Vet and childish Gambino have now adapted the animated
music video style.
This article will give you 10 examples of animated music videos and an explanation
why the new and some of the old artist use them.

Childish Gambino – Feels Like Summer


The animated music video brought his emotions about the world of hip hop and what his
perceptions of everything happening around him.

Its going to be very difficult to get all these artist in a real life music video,
but its as easy as A-B-C to get it animated.


Lil Dicky – Professional Rapper (Feat. Snoop Dogg)

The Professional Rapper music video really got Lil Dicky’s idea across perfectly. The
body language and environment of the animated video made this a masterpiece.

The great thing about animated music videos is that, they bring your imagination to
life, just the way you want it.


JAY-Z – The Story of O.J.

JAY-Z directed The Story of O.J. to be made in the old animation style to bring the
minds of the viewers back to what was happening in the old times.

This was very effective and got a lot of people talking about this.


J.I.D – EdEddnEddy

Do you remember the popular old cartoon series Ed, Edd n Eddy, 3 friends with
different personalities.

J.I.D loved to watch this when he was younger so he decided to get this music video
in that same style but this time its about he and his friends.


Kanye West – Good Morning

Kanye West is a huge fan of animations and you can see it on this album covers and
a lot on his music videos. He has crazy ideas and he knows the most effective way to
get it across is through animated music videos.

In the music video Good Morning, you can see Kanye’s favorite character the teddy
bear trying his best not to miss his graduation day. This music video is funny and
deep at the same time.


Travis Scott – 90210 ft. Kacy Hill

Travis Scott – 90210 ft. Kacy Hill was made in the stop motion animation style. This
music video looks good and matches Travis Scott’s music style perfectly.

The music video is a bit confusing when you watch it the first time, but you will
understand it when you watch it again.


Lil Uzi Vert – You Was Right

I love the way “You Was Right” video shakes all the time, it gives us a feeling of
life and makes the video fun to watch.

Lil Uzi Vert just like Kanye West loves to animate his music videos, they have got
thier crazy ideas and we love it.


Killer Mike – “Reagan”

Killer Mike really killed it in this animated music video, it really explained what
he wanted to say in the clearest way.

The simple drawings and colors makes this easy to understand and follow. I place
this music video on the top of my list when it comes to meaningful and simple
animated music videos.


Gucci Mane – All My Children [Official Music Video]

Gucci Mane shows the life of his children in this music video, he has no kids at that
time thou., but the music video is very funny.


Tyga – Boss Up (Official Video)

Boss up is a perfect mix of animation and real life video. Tyga took advantage of the
animation world to create something that will be very difficult to create in real


There are more animated music videos by top hip hop artist but I listed just 10.
Animated music videos are now a trending thing in the hip hop industry and I recommend you try it out too.

How to make an animated music video

Make an animated music video.jpg

You can make your animated music video stand out from the crowd by learning how to create an astounding animated music video.

You might be wondering “video animation is something you haven’t done before, just how do I go about it?”

Well, whether you are going through the DIY route or you are utilizing the services of an Animated music video studio.

Making that perfect animated music video is a bit tasking for any, most especially if you don’t know which steps to take.

Without the right plans and tools in place, it becomes an entirely different challenge on its own, most especially if it’s your first time of trying it out.

We have got you covered, and we’ve prepared the following guide to show you the different stages of how you can create your amazing animated music video.

1. Make an amazing script

The first thing you need to work on in order to create your animated music video is your script. The script gives the intended direction of how your animation project will be like.

If this is your first time of writing a script, don’t be scared as you can get it done efficiently. The following tips will help you create a script for your music video

Use the lyrics of your song to define your script. If your song is a love song, you can put a creative twist to your script rather than following the “girl meets boy” narrative.

  • Select a setting. Will the story be indoors, or outdoors, or a combination of both.
  • Select how many characters will be involved in the script and how often they will appear.
  • Ensure your video has a captivating feel to it that will get the audience hooked on from the beginning to the end.

2.Create a storyboard

Music Video Storyboard.png

The next step is creating a storyboard. A storyboard is an essential prerequisite for any animation video process as it helps you to conceive how your final music video will be even before you start the animation process. Essentially, a storyboard is very similar to a comic strip, and it helps you to organize your video according to the various scenes.

Don’t worry If you can’t sketch, there are a couple of online tools that will help you make your storyboard easily. The good thing about creating a storyboard is the fact that it helps you to convert your ideas easily into an animated video.

3.Select your style

Music Video 3D 2D style.jpg

Your style and video preference will mostly revolve around your character(s). There are lots of animation styles that you can use for your animated music video. Common animation video styles that will suit your music video endeavors include 2D animation video, 3D Animation Video, and whiteboard animation video.

4.Animation time

This is the main part where you get to make your animated music video.

You will need to have a good animation skill, you must understand the basics of movement and principals of animation.

Often, people hire the services of a reputable animation studio, to help them with their animation.


So, there you have it, you can now create your animated music video without stress. Remember the essentials;

  • Your script gives you a sense of direction on how your video will go
  • Your storyboard will help you flesh out your script
  • Your video style will reflect your message
  • Finally you can go ahead and create your animated music video.

If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, you can utilize the services of an animation studio like Rilastudio to help you create a fantastic animated music video quickly and just the way you want it.

Types Of 3D Animated Explainer Videos

3D Animated Explainer Video

Have you ever wondered why 3D animated videos are used a lot for explainer videos in big and small businesses?

Well you are at the right place, this article will guide you through the types of 3D videos and what they are used for.

First and foremost let me give you three reasons why 3D animations are preferred for business  video explainers.

1. Good 3D Animations Visuals

3D, fully called Three Dimension, means its designed in a way that can be seen from any angle. This gets the idea and look of the your video across faster and clearer.

2. Best For 3D Product Explainers

Your product as it looks in real life should have the same look in the video, explaining how it works, or features of your product. 3D animations do this perfectly.

3. Engaging and Interesting Explanation Videos

3D videos are very interesting to watch so this keeps your viewers glued to your video and gets your business or product explanation across with ease.


Types and Uses of 3D explainers

1.Product Animations And Explainers


Product explainers are perfect for showing how a product works and features of a product. The 3D video makes this extremely easy and visual for you the viewer.

With the power of 3D animation buyers get to understand your product, which gives them more urge to buy.



2. Animated Music Video

Musicians have got alot of crazy ideas, abstract , modern, ancient , futuristic, and the 3D video brings this to life due to the extremely level of realism a 3D video can go.

I recommend a 3D animated video for your music videos if your idea is a very crazy and want a video really close to that of your imagination.



3. 3D Healthcare Animated Video

3D Medical animations are used all over the world by huge Hospitals and clinics to explain how our body works or what happens when you fall sick.

This video gives a clearer picture to what your doctor is meaning and minimizes the rate of fear you have when going for an operation or other medical treatments.


4. 3D Fitness Animated Videos

3D workout animations are also just like medical videos, they give you a clearer image of what is happening when you are excising different parts of your body.

Fitness animations are perfect for workout training videos and workout education videos.


5. 3D Promotional Ads

Advertising and Marketing agencies have realized how effective 3D animated videos are and now use it a lot in their promotional ads.

3D videos have good perspective and keeps the viewers glued to your promotional ad even if they really do not understand what they are watching.


6. 3D App Explainer Video

Mobile game apps use 3D animations for thier app trailers. This makes the game feel very interesting so you would want to download it.

3D mobile animations are not use only by the gaming industries but by business service and product apps for high quality visualization of how the app is used.



7. 3D Nursery Rhymes and Children Videos

If you have got any children you will know how they love to watch cartoons.

3D cartoons take this to the next level, the realism and perspective of the cartoon characters makes them feel like they are in a whole new world.

Huge YouTube nursery rhyme channels have taking advantage of this and use 3D cartoon videos alot in their videos.



3D animated explainer videos are the most visual and effective way to market and sell your product or service digitally.

If you need more info, or you are thinking of trying out a 3D video for your business, feel free and contact us for  FREE consultation or contact us now for your 3D video.


Animation Video Price


What’s an Animation Video Price?

Animated Videos cost from $100 plus it depends on what you need, your deadline and how complex your animated script is. It also depends on whether its 2D or 3D. who is working on your animated video, and, the quality of work they can produce.

Freelancers can produce a good animated work for you but they work slower and are not that trust worthy like a professional animation studio .The list below shows the prices of an animated video, completion time and type. There is a range because every animated video is different and cannot be completed in the same time-frame.

Animation Video Price

NOTE: The Price for 2 minutes can be an extra $100 or $50 it does not always have to be doubles for 2 minutes or tripled for 3 minutes, I hope you get the point.

This is what amounts to the cost of an animated video



3.Voice Overs


5.Character Designs

6.Background Imagery

7.Sound Effects and Music

8.Final Rendering (Video Quality)

The Script

This is what your whole animation video is about. If you do not already have your script, it can be done for you by the animation studio.All you will have to do it explain to them what you story is about or business and your script will be ready in no time.


Storyboards are rough drawing sketches meant to make the script clearer and more visual. This includes camera angles and lighting to guide you through the whole video.The storyboard is where you should ask for changes, or it will be difficult for the animation studio to do that when they begin the animated video.

Storyboard price

Voice Overs

The studio will send you three voice over samples from different actors to choose from. That’s the sound that will be used throughout your video, unless you need more than one voice overs.


This is normally done when the scene is intense. Animatic are deep detailed storyboards meant for the animators. You will be given the animatics when you scene is more like a fight scene or you personally need some kind of movement in your animated video.Normally this is not done for business videos only short animations and films.

Character Design

There is brainstorming needed before a character is created unless you already have a character in mind for the animation studio.This is simpler in 2D but in 3D, after the character is drawn in on paper it is then modeled in a 3D program before rigging and animation. This are a bit technical and this blog is about that.If you still want more information on that follow this link.
The character design is the whole cast of mascots or characters that will be used in the animated video or film.


Background Imagery

This is simply the environment and props.Except for the characters everything else in the scene is the background Imagery,the lights, the hills and valleys, the houses and tree, everything.If your animation needed a very detailed and complex background imagery, the prices goes higher, but if you need something very simple, like a business explainer video, there is a lower cost.Cost of background Imagery for an animated series is lower because they will be reused in most if the episodes.

2D environment cost

Sound Effects and Music

This is the music playing behind the scenes and also sound characters make.This sound will have to be created or bought by the animation studio.A good sound effect and background music can just tell the story or the animation without a lot of movements in the scene.This stage is very important and needs a lot of work and attention.

Final Render or Video Quality

This is very important in animated films or series, because the rendering of the scene determines the mood of the scene.The Final Render is also about the pixel amount, which is 380p – 4K.

Final Render cost

This blog is to give you a perfect understanding of how much an animated video cost so you know it a video is over-priced and also to understand perfectly the amount of work needed to create it.