Step 1: Message

We craft a script that delivers the right message in a clear and compelling way based on your target audience and marketing goals.

Step 2: Storytelling

In this step we create the storyboard, record the voice over and design 3 style frames that will let you see what the final video is going to look like.

Step 3: Animation

This is the final part of our explainer video production process! Here we create all the illustrations, make the animations and add some sound effects to really make it pop! Done! Your Video is ready!



Rilastudio is a 360° video production agency specialising in helping business to achieve goals by leveraging the advantages of a video as a strategic tool to attract, convert and retain customers.

We create compelling videos with the right amount of emotions, entertainment and infotainment. Special expertise lies in creating wow videos; videos which feel more human; and videos which indulge in less selling and more storytelling. In a nutshell, we make conversation pieces with the potential to turn browsers into buyers.