How much does an animated music video cost

The price of an animated music video depends on the length, style, and complexity of the music video.

I have listed 6 types of animated music videos in this article. You can get the current prices for each of them by clicking on the get price image.

Before that, here is the price for a simple animated music video.

1 Minute => $300 – $1,000

2 Minute => $500 – $1,200

3 Minute => $700 – $1,500

Contact the music video animation studio for custom music video length price.

6 Types of Music Video Animations

  1. 2D Cut-Out Animated Music Video Style

2D-Cut out animation has a quick delivery time, it’s the go-for music video style if you need it done quickly and with good quality.


2. 3D Music Video Animation Style

3D animation takes longer to complete and cost more but is very high quality.



4. Traditional Animated Music Video Style


5. Stop Motion Music Video Animation


6. Motion Graphics Animation Music Video style


7. Animated Lyric Music Video

This animation music video style is the cheapest and fastest to complete. I recommend it for your animated music videos if your budget is low.

The huge advantage of the lyric animated music video is your lyrics are displayed in, the music video. This is great for rap music and creative music lyrics.



As you can see the price of an animated music video depends on the length and style.

You should speak to the animation studio on your preferred style and script of your music video.

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