How to make an animated music video

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You can make your animated music video stand out from the crowd by learning how to create an astounding animated music video.

You might be wondering “video animation is something you haven’t done before, just how do I go about it?”

Well, whether you are going through the DIY route or you are utilizing the services of an Animated music video studio.

Making that perfect animated music video is a bit tasking for any, most especially if you don’t know which steps to take.

Without the right plans and tools in place, it becomes an entirely different challenge on its own, most especially if it’s your first time of trying it out.

We have got you covered, and we’ve prepared the following guide to show you the different stages of how you can create your amazing animated music video.

1. Make an amazing script

The first thing you need to work on in order to create your animated music video is your script. The script gives the intended direction of how your animation project will be like.

If this is your first time of writing a script, don’t be scared as you can get it done efficiently. The following tips will help you create a script for your music video

Use the lyrics of your song to define your script. If your song is a love song, you can put a creative twist to your script rather than following the “girl meets boy” narrative.

  • Select a setting. Will the story be indoors, or outdoors, or a combination of both.
  • Select how many characters will be involved in the script and how often they will appear.
  • Ensure your video has a captivating feel to it that will get the audience hooked on from the beginning to the end.

2.Create a storyboard

Music Video Storyboard.png

The next step is creating a storyboard. A storyboard is an essential prerequisite for any animation video process as it helps you to conceive how your final music video will be even before you start the animation process. Essentially, a storyboard is very similar to a comic strip, and it helps you to organize your video according to the various scenes.

Don’t worry If you can’t sketch, there are a couple of online tools that will help you make your storyboard easily. The good thing about creating a storyboard is the fact that it helps you to convert your ideas easily into an animated video.

3.Select your style

Music Video 3D 2D style.jpg

Your style and video preference will mostly revolve around your character(s). There are lots of animation styles that you can use for your animated music video. Common animation video styles that will suit your music video endeavors include 2D animation video, 3D Animation Video, and whiteboard animation video.

4.Animation time

This is the main part where you get to make your animated music video.

You will need to have a good animation skill, you must understand the basics of movement and principals of animation.

Often, people hire the services of a reputable animation studio, to help them with their animation.


So, there you have it, you can now create your animated music video without stress. Remember the essentials;

  • Your script gives you a sense of direction on how your video will go
  • Your storyboard will help you flesh out your script
  • Your video style will reflect your message
  • Finally you can go ahead and create your animated music video.

If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, you can utilize the services of an animation studio like Rilastudio to help you create a fantastic animated music video quickly and just the way you want it.

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